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The Story of
DS Djuragin Pipes

We are small producers of unique pipes. 

Our favorite pipes are the ones we make ourselves.

The basic motivation is to be different from others, to create something unique according to our style.

DS Djuragin Pipes is a family hobby workshop from Serbia, where husband and wife make pipes together. Hence the name ""DS"" as Darko and Sanela. Darko does the rough part of the pipe while Sanela does the fine work and glossy finish. All our pipes are freehand made. Since this is all a hobby, we don't get to make many pipes, so we spend a lot of time on each pipe to make it perfect.

Our pipes are made exclusively by hand without the use of automation and machines. Materials for production are specially selected. Quality and design comes first.

Everything you see in our range of pipes can be ordered!

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